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Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Badges you say.  So whats the story here?
Are they needed - yes and no.  In our last event we used wrist bands to denote the required age check but then we added drink cards and voting tickets.  This cause a problem where guest had to juggle way to much as they moved around.  To fix this we now have badges which have your guest ID, a vote code (see below), and they conveniently hangs around your neck (AKA hands free)

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At registration each guest will receive a badge in exchange for the guest name (required) and a small bit of contact information (requested but not required).   The Registration software logs the badge into the system.  Along with the name and contact info, we capture the ticket type and the Team Color (see below)


The badge ID is used at the competitor booth to get a drink.  This system (custom written bo the Josh Farler Foundation who host the Kern Margarita Championship).ensures that each restaurant knows who has recieved their drink.  On the back of the badge is the randomly assigned VOTE CODE.  If/when a guest chooses to vote for a restaurant they must give the badge ID followed by the vote code.  This ensures guest can not provide multiple votes (with someone elses ID and restaurants can not vote for themselves).  Note: this portion of the software system runs on Kindle Fire tables.


Guest can donate to the charity at Registration which earns their team some notoriety for their team..


Team "stats" are part of the main projection system software.  This system dellivers our sponsor logos, various messages, and information gathered from the vaious restaurant booths.


During, or after, the event guest can scan their badge QR code with their cell phone to see their activity.
OR - you can visit the front page Badge Check and enter your Badge ID and Vote Code manually.


Here is a sample of the QR code results

Software system was created "in house"
with Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion.