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This year the championship is going digital

and we're celebrating until August 22, 2020!

Despite our best hopes, it turns out that this COVID-19 thing is real and we had to adapt.
Due to the pandemic, and state/local regulations, we had cancel our plans of providing world-class Margaritas to 500 people in a single room.  We know that this is disappointing, believe us, we know. But we already have plans to bring the event back to the Downtown Bakersfield Marriott in 2021.

So now what‽

We want to celebrate local margaritas and the people who make them, so we're still going to decide who's got the best drink in town! Use the menu item above to cast your vote for who you think has the best margarita in Kern County! We'll announce the winners on August 22nd.

Also, in honor of our friend Josh Farler, we have begun our #DrinksForJoshChallenge on our social media platforms. We invite everyone to join in on the fun by uploading a selfie while enjoying YOUR favorite margarita using the hashtag #drinksforjoshchallenge. You can learn more about Josh and the Josh Farler Foundation, the founders of the event, at

And the winners is:

Manuel's Casa De Mariscos

With over 1/3 of the total votes - Manuel's "Mary's Margarita" is the peoples choice award.  Their award winning drink is available for patio dining or take out.  As the current champion they will be defending thier title next year!

Congratulations to Manuel's Casa de Mariscos

El Diablo Margarita

1.5oz Corralejo Reposado tequila
.75oz of Triple Sec
.75oz of fresh lime juice
1oz of chamoy
1.5oz sweet and sour
.75oz mango puree
2oz of diced mango and jalapeno


Step 1: Grab a mixing cup, add the follosing ingredients - ice, tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, chamoy,mango puree,  diced mango and jalapeno.  Shake in mixing cup.

Step 2: Grab serving glass, rim with Tajin, add ice and mix from shaker.  Top off with garnish (fried jalapeno and a flowered mango)


Cucumber Jalapeno Skinny Margarita


1 Jalapeno
1 Cucumber
2 Big Limes
Agave Nectar
Soda Water
Your choice of Tequila

Instructions: (16 oz Cup)

1. Cut Jalapeno and part of the Cucumber into small squares
2. Muddle a few pieces of jalapeno and Cucumber in the cup that you will be using for your margarita
3. Fill margarita cup with ice to the top
4. Squeeze the 2 Limes 
5. Add 2 Tablespoons of Agave Nectar
6. Add 1 shot of Tequila
7. Add some Soda Water
8. Shake 
9. Add Tajin to the rim before pouring margarita back in to cup
10. ENJOY!


Mango Margarita by Mariscos Las Cazuelitas
English version:
-24oz cup of ice 
-Souza tequila ( 1 shot)
-Mango Mix 
-Sweet and Sour 

In blender, blend ice, shot of tequila, mango mix, and sweet and sour mix.

Before putting blended Margarita in cocktail glass wear... add tajin and chamoy on rim. Add a small amount of chamoy inside glass wear. Pour Margarita mix inside glassware. Add a straw and slice of limon and Enjoy!!! 

Spanish version:
Una taza de hielo 
1 copa o vaso 
Tequila (1 shot)
Mango mix 250 ml (Cazuelitas secret recipe)

En una licuadora agregar una taza de hielo, seguido del shot de tequila junto al mix de mango. 
Licuar hasta que quede totalmente molido. 

Antes de vertir nuestra mezcla debemos escarchar la copa con Chamoy para que después se le quede pegado el Tajín. 
Por último agregar un poco más de chamoy al fondo de la copa para ahora si poner nuestra mezcla en la copa y tome una bonita presentación, agregar un popote y a disfrutar! 

Mango Margarita
Special note from the webmaster: "That looks very tasty!"

Along with the fame, prestiege, noteriaty, and bragging rights - here is what each restaurant is fighting for:



We thank our sponsor Kern Trophies for their continuing support. 

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All New Location  (Judging and Reveal)


The staff at the Marriott has been incredible to work with and have really put their all into making this a great venue.  2021 is the return to the Marriott with bands, restaurants, all in a great venue.

Bakersfield Marriott
at the Convention Center

801 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield California 93301